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Haifa, Acco (Acre) & Ros​​​​h HaNikra Grotto Caves


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Haifa Bahai Gardens

  • UNESCO Heritage site
  • Second holiest site to Bahai's in the world
  • The most stunning view of the Gardens, Haifa Bay and surrounding areas 
  • Nestled on the Biblical Carmel Mountains

Akko (Acre) Some of the sites we can visit in Akko include:

Tunisian Synagogue

  • ​One of a king Synagogue covered from top to bottom in Mosaics  which describe Jewish history
  • The mosaics cover the synagogue on it's ceilings and  on it's wall, including the upper level and even its stairwells
  • Akko is one of the world's oldest cities from the  Canaanite times

Akko (Acre) Old City Walls, Cannons and Moat 

  • You will get to walk on top of the Old City Walls overlooking the moat
  • We will see the cannons which were used by the Ottoman  Turks to keep Napoleon, who had laid the siege on the city, from  conquering Israel. Once Napoleon lost this bottle, in 1799, he was forced  to retreat to outside of Israel

Akko Kingdom Hall

  • One of the best preserved Crusader fortresses/Castles in the world
  • Belonged to the Hospitallers (warriors who were also doctors)
  • Marvelous Architecture and history which has stood the test of the time 
  • You will get a good sense of what like was like in Medieval times

Secret Templar underground tunnels

  • You will walk through the more than 900 year old escape  tunnels
  • Used by the infamous Templar Knights

Akko Prison (where the great escape happened)

  • Was originally a Turkish Prison
  • The British continued to use it as a prison housing the Jewish Underground soldiers 
  • On May 4, 1947, the Jewish underground orchestrated one of the greatest and most daring prison escapes in recorded history
  • We will explore the prison grounds and understand how important this event was to the founding of the State of Israel

Old Turkish Bathouse

Turkish Bazaar

Arab Shuk

  • Authentic middle Eastern Market place

There is an option to switch Akko with Caeserea

Drive along the coast to Rosh Hanikra

Rosh Hanikra

  • Site where the chalk mountains of the Upper Western Galilee Mountains meet the pounding waves of the Mediterranean Sea
  • ​The pounding of the sea against the mountain creates the unique grottos (caves) which we will walk through
  • We will take the cable car down to this natural treasure
  • Site of the railway the British built during WW2 which was  destroyed by the Jewish underground

Lebanese Border crossing

  • Closest you can get to Lebanon without going in

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**Full day tour includes your private tour guide, private driver, vehicle, pickup/drop off at your door, personalized itinerary, and having us take care of your logistics. Starts at $825  (dependent on size of vehicle needed for the group). Admission extra (but minimal).