Day 1

We will drive through the Scenic Judean desert and Jordan Valley where we will see from the car: the Dead Sea, Jordan, and many sites mentioned in Tanach (Bible)

​Option for jeeping in the Judean Desert

Kibbutz Sde Eliyahu- A Kibbutz which is a world leader in organic food. The Kibbutz is still collectively owned. We will experience what it is like to live in a Kibbutz by planting and picking vegetables, feeding the animals, touching their organic bees (they don’t sting) and more. A Must see for kids (and adults)!. 

Tiveria (Tiberius)- Interesting city culturally. One of Israel’s four holy cities. It sits beautifully along the Kinneret (Sea of Galilee). In Roman times, the city was known worldwide for its natural hot springs (even today it is a spa city). 

​Option to stroll along the board walk on the Kinneret. Good place to have a nice lunch.

Walking tour of Tzfat- One of the 4 holy cities and world center of Kaballah. Walk through its enchanting 500 year old alleys and artist colony.

                                    Arrival to Hotel in Tzfat.                                       

Day 2

Breakfast at the Hotel

Short hike up the paved path of the Citadel- This was the largest Crusader fortress in the middle East. From the top you will see one of the most spectacular views in the country (perhaps the world). On a clear day see the Golan Heights, Kinneret (Sea of Galilee), and the Galil (Galilee).

Some of the things we can do that day include

​Menara cliffs- Steepest cliff in Israel. Take the cable car up to see an amazing view (can see Lebanon on a clear day)

Option for Rafting on the Jordan River

Banias- An easy hike with a waterfall which runs all year around (a rarity in Israel).

Har Bental- A safe overlook of Syria (up to the outskirts of Damascus). Hear the significance of the Golan Heights and walk through former IDF (Israeli Army) trenches. 

De Karina Chocolate factory- In the first room, see how chocolate is made. In the second room, we will eat enough chocolate to satisfy us for a year. In the third room, each of us will make our own chocolate and bring it home with us. 

Kibbutz Lavi- Night activities with the Israeli’s. This kibbutz was founded in 1949 with Holocaust Survivors/Orphans from England (England took in Jewish Children as part of its “Kinder transport”).                                                                                                   

Day 3

Beit Shean- One of the world’s best preserved Roman Cities. Visit the ancient bathhouses, theater, hear some familiar stories and walk its streets. Mentioned several times in Tanach (Bible). 

Jordan River Crossing (opposite Jericho) - The spot where Joshua was said to have brought the Jewish people into Israel after 40 years in the desert (from here they miraculously conquered Jericho). This is the border with the country of Jordan.

Return to Jerusalem 

Tour package options:

​* Three day Golan and Galilee tour includes your private tour guide, personalized itinerary, and having us take care of your logistics. Admission, accommodations  & car rental is extra (for no extra charge, we can take care of those logistics for you). Bring as many participants as you would like. Costs $385 per day.

** Three day tour Israel Galilee and Golan Heights tours includes your private tour guide, private driver, vehicle, pickup/drop off at your door, personalized itinerary, and having us take care of your logistics. Starts at $795 per day (dependent on size of vehicle needed).  Admission and accommodations extra.