Geo Politics & Adventure in the Jewish Gaza Envelope


For the safety of our tourists, this tour does NOT enter the Gaza strip or into unsafe areas.  

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Pool of Arches- We will row boats inside the ancient water tower of Ramla, a Jewish town (not to be confused with Ramallah) built by the infamous Al Rashid in 789.


Machon Ayalon - Also known as the "Bullet Factory". Former “Kibbutz” which was really a fake cover for building bullets for the Jewish underground under the noses of the unsuspecting British who ruled here’

Some of the things we can do on that day include:

Nitzana Gush Katif memorial visitor's center- The Gaza Strip used to have a thriving Jewish community, where most of the world's Kosher vegetables (i.e. completely bug free) came from here. In 2005, the Israeli government forcibly removed the Jewish residents from their homes, fields and property, effectively handing the Gaza Strip to Hamas without any concessions (which ultimately led to three wars). The Jewish residents were promised full compensation and homes. As of 2016, they have still not received much, going from wealthly farmers to extremely high rates of unemployment and many living in Caravans. We will "go back in time" to experience what life was like in these strong communities and even speak to a Jewish "refugee" of Gush Katif. 

Nitzana community-Many of the settlers from Gush Katif ended up here. We will see their current living situation and how they are attempting to rebuild their lives.

View into Gaza-very safe from a distance but close enough to get a good idea of challenges Israel faces

Sderot-A city near the border with Gaza which has been suffering from Hama’s occupation of Gaza since Israel unilaterally pulled out in 2005. We will tour the following:

a) Police Station-All Kasam Rockets which are fired into this area end up here.
b) Playground made out of re-enforced concrete for the safety of the kids

c) Bus stopwhich doubles up as a bomb shelter

d) The commercial area of Sderot (with the chance to shop in their stores in solidarity)


The Gaza Security Barrier and Ceramic project from Netiv HaAsara- We will have the chance to add ceramics to the wall, a project started by one family from the Moshav who started to make it look nice so they wouldn’t have to look at a depressing grey wall. We will meet one of the locals who will tell us about life in the area

Salad Trail- Israel is known as Start Up Nation. Here you can see with a hands on experience how Israel grows things in the desert, with next to nothing & little water, in a way that is unique to this country. Many countries (both developers and third world) have benefitted from Israel's innovative techniques.This is the best place to experience Israel’s economic miracle.

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