Kivrei Tzadikim Israel Tour

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Some of the Kivrei Tzadikim we can visit include:

Kever Shmuel HaNavi

Kever Chavakuk HaNavi

Rabbeinu Bahya


  • Rebbi Shimon Bar Yochai
  • Can also visit the Lesser known keverim of Hillel ad R'Yochanan HaSandler
  • ​We will also see the Shul which Rebbi Shimon is said to have built

Dalton- Rebbi Yose HaGalili

Gush Chalav- Shemyahah and Avtalyon

Tzfat for Lunch

​Option for the Ari Mikveh (for men): 

  • Probably the most famous Mikveh in the World
  • The Ari said that anyone who toivels in this Mikveh will do Teshuva within his life time.

Tzfat Cemetary: 

  • Arizal
  • Beit Yosef (Author of the Shulchon Aruch),
  • The Ramak (wrote Tomer Devorah)  
  • R’Shlomo Alkabaz (author of Lechi Dodi)
  • Alshich HaKodesh
  • Rebbe Pinchas Ben Yair
  • Chana and her 7 sons
  • Nachum Ish Gamzu

Rebbi Yehuda Bar Illai (as seen in the above picture):

  • Head of the Sanhedrin
  • Most mentioned Rabbi in the entire Mishna
  • During the Shoah, some Jewish bodies  ר״ל , were made into soaps. In 1949, these soaps (which are halachicly still Jewish bodies) will merit reburial at this Kever
  • Here the inspiring story of the Klausenberger Rebbe praying at this site


  • Kever of Rebbi Yonatan Ben Uziel
  • Greatest student of Hillel
  • Optimal place to daven for shidduchim 


Tiveria: Some of the graves to choose from include:

  • Rambam (also at the site are R’ Yochanan ben Zakai, R’ Eliezer ben Hurkanos, Shla HaKadosh
  • Rabbi Akiva and the Ramchal
  • Rebbi Meir Baal Haness
  • Kever Rachel eshet Rebbe Akiva (off the beaten track)

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* Full day Kivrei Tzadikim tour including your private tour guide, personalized itinerary, and having us take care of your logistics. Car rental is extra (for no extra charge, we can take care of those logistics for you). Admission extra (but this itinerary has no entrance fees). Bring as many participants as you would like. This full day option costs $385.

**Full day Zicron Yaakov & Caesarea Tour including your private tour guide, private driver, vehicle, pickup/drop off at your door, personalized itinerary, and having us take care of your logistics. Starts at $875 (dependent on size of vehicle needed). Admission extra (but this itinerary has no entrance fees).

***Upon reservation of the dates, we will personalize the itinerary to fit your touring needs even if it ends up looking completely different than the above. We can add other non-Kiverim, Torahdic sites, including kid friendly places, upon request