​Clock Tower by the Old City Jaffa gates - One of the 6 built in Israel 

by the Ottoman Sultan (1901) to commemorate his 25th year of reign.

Jaffa Beach- From this vantage point, see the amazing view of 

Tel Aviv's Skyline, Jaffa's Old City and the Mediterranean Sea.

Andromeda’s Rocks- Jaffa has been a port city entrance to Israel 

from Biblical times (for example, Jonah fled by 

boat from this location). See the reason Jaffa became the 

successful port it became.

Jaffa board walk-including former hospital of Napolean’s wounded 

French troops & Old Jaffa Port.

Alleyways of Old Jaffa & Artist Colony- Many of the historic Jaffa buildings have been turned into Art Galleries.

Old Shul of Jaffa- Built in 1740 for Jewish Businessmen 

from Constantinople. Today it is operated by the Libyan 

Jewish community.

Weird Hanging Tree- Suspended in mid-air. An amazing example of Israeli innovation.

Old Jaffa Visitors Center- Authentic remains of Jaffa through the ages. 

Fun sound & light show.

Top of Old Jaffa- Amazing panoramic view of the surrounding 

​coastal area including the Tel Aviv Skyline. 

​Ramses 2 gate- Entrance to the former palace of 

Ramses 2nd, believed to be the same Pharoah as the one in 

Shemot (Exodus) where the Jews left Egypt from slavery to freedom.

Old City Walls of Jaffa & Jerusalem Gate - Only Entrance way to 

Old Jaffa (except the sea). The road outside of it leads

 directly to the Jaffa Gate in Jerusalem.

Jaffa Shuk- We will visit and shop this authentic Middle Eastern Market 

Picnic Lunch at the Jaffa Port


Lunch at the Azrieli Mall Towers restaraunts -If we take this option we can see an amazing view from the top of the skyscraper.

Migdal Shalom (Peace Towers)- Tel Aviv’s first school and later the Middle East's first skyscraper. 

​Inside is Israel’s first modern mall and 3D models dedicated to Tel Aviv.​

Rothchild Boulevard- location where Tel Aviv started on sand dunes.

Independence Hall- Israel’s first Prime Minister Ben Gurion famously 

​declared Israel’s Independence here on May 14, 1948.

Tel Aviv's White City- UN heritage site.

Pagoda house - Weird house from the 1920’s. A must see for one who 

​love’s architecture or those who appreciate the unusual.

​* This full day tour includes your private tour guide and personalized itinerary. Cost is $385 (bring as many people as you would like for no extra charge). No vehicle required. Admissions extra, but minimal (only Independence hall and Jaffa’s visitor center have admission). A taxi ride may be necessary.