The Founding of Israel: The Jordan River Valley from Biblical times until Today
(Off the Beaten Track and Child Friendly) 

The Jordan River Crossing - site where Tradition says  Joshua passed through here with the people of Israel after 40 years in the desert. Also the place of Eliyahu's (Elijah’s) ascent alive to the heavens. This site is on the Jordanian border and we will be within a few feet of Jordanian Soldiers. 

Some of the sites we can visit that day include: 

Kibbutz Sde Eliyahu- Hands on Kibbutz Experience in a Kibbutz internationally known as one of the capitals of Organic Food. Must see for kids and adults of all ages!

Beit Shean- Israel's version of Pompeii and one of the best preserved Roman Cities in the world. 

Nir David- The first pre-state Tower and Stockade settlement. After the Peel Commission in 1937 suggested dividing Israel into two states for the first time (one Jewish and one Arab), the Jews saw the map and realized that the only places suggested for Jews was where they had their towns. To change the facts on the ground, in the middle of the night young Olim (no more than 20 years old) created a makeshift fort and settlement in one day. This is one of the main reasons why the Beit Shean Valley was in Israel's hands after the War of Independence. The kids can dress up as pioneers, climbs its towers and experience first hand what was at stake.

Rottenburg Power Station- This power station (using the waters of the Jordan River) supplied the majority of Israel's Electricity in the 1920's up until 1948 (because the power plants are in Jordan, they do not operate any more).

We will visit Kibbutz Gesher which gets its name from the many ancient bridges here.

 Old Power Plants (Optional) which today have Jordanian sovereignty but run by the Kibbutzim (famously called the Island of Peace). The sound and light show is amazing.

Tour package options:

* This full day tour includes your private tour guide, your own personalized itinerary, and having us take care of your logistics. Admission & car rental is extra (for no extra charge, we can take care of those logistics for you). You can bring as many participants as you would like. This option is $385 for the full day.

** This full day tour includes your private tour guide, private driver, vehicle, pickup/drop off at your door, personalized itinerary, and having us take care of your logistics. This option starts at $795 (dependent on size of vehicle needed). Admission extra (but minimal).